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Jquery Backstretch: Scaling the image and container

This is a tough solution and/or problem to create an appropriate title for.  Essentially what I needed to do with this great plugin was render an image on a block level element (div) but allow the image and container to resize when above a certain height. Here is a breakdown in the requirements and hurdles: Image must be displayed full width and between a fixed height header and footer Image must scale and maintain ratio When the browser inner width is below a specific size (in our case 1600px), the image must display at full height (our case is 550px) … Continue reading →

Display specific jQuery UI Tab without scrolling down page

I had this really simple problem recently when using the jQuery UI tabs script when linking to specific tabs.  All I wanted to do was place a simple text link on a page and then link to a tab on another page.  The problem was that the browser kept scrolling down the page to the tabs on the page, causing a ui issue where you were not seeing the actual names of the tabs and header of the page.  This is obviously needed in most situations when the tabs are further down on a page but in my case they … Continue reading →

No project spaces til 2013

My current workload has been timelined and at this point, no new projects will be accepted from new clients until early 2013.  If you have a project that you would like to launch before the end of the year, I apologize but I will not be able to assist you with making that happen. It is hard to have to turn away work, but I feel that it is better to say no than accept the work and do a less than stellar job or deliver it well beyond the expected due date.

Adding The Open Graph Protocol to VP-ASP Product Detail Pages

Working with FaceBook and your e-commerce site can be a difficult animal at times, but getting it right means putting your products in front of potential customers.  We were working with a customer recently that wanted the big three in social media available as a shareable link on each of the product detail pages.  Normally this is a standard installation but FaceBook requires a bit more information than Twitter or Google+1 to get the right information to show up when shared.  For example, you can add a regular share link to a page but if the correct Open Graph meta … Continue reading →

New Brackish Waters Design FaceBook Page Online

I have finally launched the official FaceBook page for BWD. Due to the amount of work over the past couple years, I have just not given the page enough time to complete and publicly link. Today I finished the page and included 3 custom elements: Custom “Welcome” page with a check in place to see if the visitor has “Liked” the page yet.  Once liked, the page reveals a monthly special. Custom blog feed from that pulls in the 5 most recent posts to the blog.  Once added to the FaceBook page, this requires no further work as it … Continue reading →

IIS7 301 Redirects for Page URLs that Include Querys and more

I came upon a problem recently for an e-commerce site that in theory, should have been quite easy to solve.  I have setup redirects many times in the past but this one stumped me.  A redirect is essentially just a detour sign for browsers and search engines to send the visitor to a new page because the page they were trying to reach has been moved, deleted or renamed.  This is common when updating or rebuilding a site to setup redirects after the launch so the search engines and visitors who have bookmarked the old pages don’t get lost. The … Continue reading →

Integrating the AnythingSlider with WordPress

You may have noticed a nice content slider on the new homepage for Brackish Waters Design.  This was implemented using Chris Coyier’s AnythingSlider which I have found to be very useful in the past few months.  Its ability to handle multiple types of data and slide smoothly with JQuery was a definite plus.  It took a bit of work but I was able to get the slider to grab 6 of latest posts to a specific category and automatically display these in the panes. I run a separate include file for my home loop in WordPress which I will provide … Continue reading →