Producer:  KrackMedia
Designer:  Griffin-vites
Website:  Online

The most fun I have had coding a project was working on Griffin-vites. Part of it was the challenge presented by the designer to incorporate a number of large, transparent images as backgrounds throughout the site. The difficult part was the layering of these background images with some being above the content and some being below it, most of the time both occurring on the same page. You truly need to visit the site to understand and appreciate the end result as Sarah went to a lot of work to create these great images and I did my best to help KrackMedia launch the site exactly as the customer wanted.

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About the Author: Sean Fitzpatrick

I provide services as a subcontractor for a number of great web development and design companies within the state of Maine. I also father two great kids, tend my annual garden, raise pigs/chickens, cruise the ATV trails and hunt every year. If you can't find me online, I am probably getting my hands dirty in some fashion.